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Ferns you ask? Trendy? Well they sure are according to us! This once super popular Victorian favorite is way easier to care for than preconceived. These tropical ancient plants make terrific pals for your home & garden. We carry well over 20 varieties of these textural beauty’s, and our fascination and collection is growing.

Ferns or from the Latin family name Pteridophyta are an ancient family of plants first noted in the  fossil record 360 million years ago in the Carboniferous period. Many of the current families and species did not appear until roughly 145 million years ago in the early period. When dinosaurs roamed and the earth was at best middle aged.

Ferns thrive in bright filtered light and perform optimally best with high humidity. A perfect spot I have found for ferns in my home has been the bathroom or kitchen where hot and steamy water often fill the rooms. One can also achieve this atmosphere by placing a deep tray filled with pea gravel and topped off with water that will simply evaporate. Another alternative and real special aesthetic would to place your fern under a cloche or Wardian Case.
Aside from the slew of perennial ferns that are zone hardy we have to offer this blog post will be focusing on  tropical ferns that are kept as houseplants and love being put out on a shady porch during the warmer months. So here is a little showcase of just some of our trendy easy to care for ferns we so dearly love.


Bear’s Paw Fern
Polypodium aureum
This is a true favorite of ours! Blue-green foliage and emerging ‘ furry paws’, this fern looks great potted up in a tall pot to showcase all it has to offer ones eye!

Maiden Hair Fern
Adiantum aethiopica
This classic Victorian favorite is outstanding in a large bell jar, or placed in one of our signature flare pots in a window. They really succeed in high humidity so its best for this species to be kept on a tray of wet pebbles.

Falax Fern
Polypodium attenuantum
This new and way-hot fern is blowing us all away. We observed it in one of our grower’s catalogs and gave it a trial and boy, it is outstanding! It’s frilled true green leaves and growing habit make it both a specimen and a conversation piece to any ones botanical home collection.

Silver Lady Fern
Blechnum gibbum
A short and architectural tree fern, this one too looks killer in a tall flared terra cotta pot from our line. Really an easy fern to care for and makes a statement in any spot in your home!

Variegated Brake Fern
Pteris ensiformis
This fern is totally regal in the best way! Its tall narrow fronds command attention and they especially look well planted in a large bulb pan or squat grower pot. These guys do not like to dry out so keep them well watered with adequate light.

Variegated Cretan Brake Fern
Pteris cretica
Another favorite Brake fern we grow and propagate this shorter variety can handle a little neglect and does not like to be over watered in any means! The screaming white middle sections of each frond are particularly charming. Again a specimen to any home plant collector.

White Rabbits Foot Fern
Davallia tyermannii
A perennial choice and outstanding plant for anyone. This fern produces much like the bear paw; but in an extreme way hairy growth type fingers which are actually rhizomes that this epiphytic plant in nature uses to cling onto trees & bark in its natural habitat. Grown in a slender old English pot from our terra-cotta series one can truly appreciate this double whammy of ferns!

Birds Nest Fern
Asplenium nidus
This fern is an absolute must have! They don’t mind the way of neglect and if given just some minor humidity they will give you years of beauty and enjoyment. They are prone to scale so be cautious and you should check their big fat fronds often for signs of this and simply peel them off.
So in conclusion Ferns with their many species and varieties are super trendy according to us. They make fantastic housemates and fit into any ones d├ęcor. With the proper care and love they will make for fantastic years of enjoyment. We urge you to stop by the farm and we would be gladly to help you get on the trendy bandwagon of ferns!

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