Landscape Design

The point where the natural world becomes supernatural.

Anthony Elliott and his team are known throughout New England, and nationally, for his perspective and approach to landscape design. Steeped in traditional English gardens but deconstructed and redefined with a particular leaning towards unusual, native plants launching from the seaside and farmlands. Elliott keeps it clean and more organized closer to the structures we live in and opens up rooms and corridors towards the natural landscapes that surround them.

If you are interested in finding out more if the Snug Harbor Farm team can help with your landscaping needs, please click here for a short questionnaire that can get the process moving one step closer to your dreamscape.

Water Feature

A water feature adds tranquility and habitat to the garden (as well as a place for grandchildren to splash!).


Hardscape provides the foundation of the landscape design. Steps, walls, walkways, seating, fencing... we design it!

Espalier Trees

Espalier fruit trees are a specialty of Snug Harbor Farm. They put the WOW in your landscape design.

Mixed use designs

Designs for flower gardens, vegetable plants, seating, playing, relaxing and entertaining. We make spaces for all.

Landscape accents

Sculptures, gates, benches, pots, statuary, birdhouses are a few examples of Snug Harbor Farm's landscape accents.

A natural space

Let Snug Harbor Farm work with you to create that special space for you and nature to thrive.