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Renovating Our Access to Art

By August 20, 2020General

Renovating Our Access to Art

annie witte

When life gives you Covid-19 and turns the world on its ear, the reimagination of all things summer is required.

For Snug Harbor Farm, summertime means gathering in the barn for an art show or for a foraged dinner with friends. Summer means dressing up homes and tents for special occasions.

Summer means workshops to grow and learn about how to design and combine plants and flowers. We are doing our best to get up to speed with virtual technology and get back on track with the workshops at home but it is taking time to figure it all out. You will know as soon as we are able to bring them to you in a way that works safely for everyone.

Francis PalmerWhat we are prepared to bring you is original artwork by some of our favorite collaborators, both online and at the farm. These are all folks we were planning to catch up with this summer through shows and celebrations. We are launching a special gallery in our online shop with a collection of paintings by Annie Witte called The Seed Series, inspired by the plant life at Snug Harbor Farm. We are going live with an artist talk with Annie on Instagram at 4:30pm on Friday, August 21. Get ready with pertinent questions and tune in!

Other favorite artists that we will be featuring include Beth Rundquist, Frances Palmer, Jonathon White and Kelly Jo Shows. Visit our online artist gallery.

This summer was also going to bring scholars, designers, and writers to our doorstep to discuss their new books. We hope you will visit their websites and pick up a copies of their books because we have learned so much from these folks. We hope that a visit to Snug Harbor Farm will be possible in the not so distant future by everyone featured here.

Hilton Carter


One of our favorite interior plantscapers, Hilton released his gorgeous new book, Wild Interiors this summer. Visit his website, thingsbyhc.com, or keep up with him on Instagram @hiltoncarter.

Amy Merrick


A big blowout was being planned with Amy Merrick, to celebrate her fantastic book on flowering. We are anxious to reboot a workshop along with a talk about the book when we get clear and safe, again, but in the meantime, you must see the beauty Amy put together. Follow her on Instagram @amy_merrik. You can find her gorgeous book in our shop.

Peter Moriarty


A wonderful photographer, Peter Moriarty, was going to bring his original silver gelatin prints and beautiful book, Warm Room, to Snug Harbor Farm to discuss the history and beauty of historic glass houses. His photography really captures the grandeur of these plant palaces. You can find copies of Warm Room at Yankee Bookshop

As we wind down summer and prepare to continue learning and exploring from our own homes we hope you will find comfort and inspiration in being able to travel the world through the eyes of an artist. Take care. Wear a mask. Wash your hands and help your neighbors.


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