Here at Snug Harbor Farm we are most known for our topiaries, but did somebody say Begonias? Tony began expanding our production of these great plants and the folks at Garden Design took notice. Our Begonia collection was featured in the culmination issue of Garden Design, hitting newsstands last week. It’s no small wonder why begonias are rising in popularity with their easy care and gorgeous foliage making them the perfect house plant.


It is a educational and well written article by our good friend Dennis Schrader of Landcraft Environments with the opening paragraph featuring quotes from Tony. Not to mention the beautiful images of 26 different varieties here on the farm, each one captured as a single leaf on a black background.
Our July 29th 2012 blog post has all the behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the article which you can view here
About half of the Begonias showcased are available for sale while the others already being propagated and will hopefully be for purchase this coming fall. Tony has since been adding more rare and unusual species and varieties to trial and watch how they perform, so stay tuned!


Emily our resident Begonia expert and collector suggests these top five that we carry here at the farm for beginners to the genus (they are also her personal favorites).

Begonia ‘Marmaduke’

Begonia ‘Kit Kat’

Begonia ‘River Nile’

Begonia ‘Iron Cross’

Begonia ‘Wild Pony’

Once your collection starts to grow (which I’m sure it will). May I suggest you pick up the Timber Press publication simply titled Begonias by author Mark C. Tebbit. It’s a text book on the subject, which contains everything from descriptions of 100 cultivated begonias, to identification and history.

So feel free to come visit us here at the farm and let us be your guide to the ever expanding world of Begonias.



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  • Lovely pictures! I agree with 4 out of 5 of Emily’s choices. B. ‘Iron Cross’ is a mildew magnet for me, though other growers have beautiful specimens. The rest are fabulous and strong growers. I look forward to visiting and viewing your plants this summer.
    Priscilla Purinton
    President, RI Branch, American Begonia Society

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