Defined as the horticultural practice of training live plants by clipping the foliage to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes. The derivative is Latin for an ornamental landscape gardener, topiarius, creator of topia or “places”.

The classic geometric shaped topiary such as balls (standards) or cubes, cones and spirals found at Snug Harbor Farm date back to the Roman times. The number one plant that it used at The Farm for this is Myrtus communis ‘Compacta’, or Small Leafed Myrtle. A few other noteworthy plants that are used are; Westringia, Lavendula, Rosemary, and Fuchsia microphylla.

There are two greenhouses filled with a variety of topiaries available year round. It is a specialty of Snug Harbor Farm. The plant material, as well as different shapes, are experimented with on a regular basis to keep the art of topiary interesting and current. Leptospermum and Coprosma standards are a couple “new” varieties at Snug Harbor Farm that have done well.

Lemon Cypress

Bring a fresh pop of the brightest green to your tablescape or window sill. The delicate branches emit a fresh lemony fragrance and the lacy, little evergreen brightens any room.

Topiary Greenhouses

Wander in our topiary greenhouses. See all the varieties we are known for.


Snug Harbor Farm offers topiaries in a range of sizes, perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.


Myrtle communis ‘Compacta’ topiaries are a Snug Harbor Farm classic.They bring structure and elegance to any collection of plants.

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