Colorful, fun, interesting shapes, easy to grow… what else can we say!

There is a vast selection of sun loving plants that are grown in the greenhouses and available year round. The succulent collection is one of the most extensive available and is constantly being added to. Most of the plants you will find listed here are grown in various sized terra cotta, 4″ pots and/or one gallon containers giving the customer options depending on the needs/wants for them.

Succulents in pots

Browse in our greenhouses for intriguing succulents in all sizes.

Agave Americana Var. Marginata

Interesting fact... this plant is nicknamed the "Century Plant" , but it typically lives only 10 - 30 years.

Aeonium Sedifolium

This plant's inflorescence, (cluster of flowers on a stem), is a little bundle of small, golden yellow flowers that bloom from April to May.

Echevaria Species

These fun "mini" succulents make great hostess gifts, dorm room presents and table decorations.

Hypertufa Succulent Gardens

Here at Snug Harbor Farm, we create succulent arrangements of interesting shapes and colors in our hypertufa containers.

Sedum Stoloniferm

This plant is one of the 395 to 759 species belonging to the family of Crassulaceae (Stonecrop Family). We do not have that many!