Our Containers are Gathered from Around the World

Throughout the seasons, Snug Harbor Farm has hunted high and low to find containers suitable for our collection of plants. We design and manufacture our own terra cotta to very high specifications in a variety of sizes, from tabletop to big statement pieces. There is also a broad collection of stone pots and statuary.

Styles of containers range from the classic to ultra modern and sleek. House your plants in vessels that stand the test of time from Snug Harbor Farm. Find a collection of some of our best selling containers on our online shop.

Unique pots

Unique hypertuffa pots.

Containers for shrubs and small trees

With or without the plant material, these large containers are just beautiful to look at.

Large containers

Large containers at Snug Harbor Farm add function and design interest to your landscape.

Terra Cotta

We design our custom terra cotta pots in all shapes and sizes.

Pots, pots, pots!

Explore our terra cotta barn for unique sizes and shapes. Select a complementary plant and we will pot it up for you.

Snug Harbor Farm Pots

Our exclusive designs.