The Animals of Snug Harbor Farm

Chickens, goats, bees, dogs, ducks… oh my!

Walk around our farm, the fields, the greenhouses and you will encounter all sorts of living creatures.¬† Bring out your “inner child” as you quietly observe the grand peacock, the ornamental pigeons or pat one our friendly poodles.

The chickens

Have you ever seen such interesting looking chickens? And chickens mean fresh eggs for sale at The Shop.

The ducks

As you explore our greenhouses and plant fields, the ducks will delight you with their chatter.

The pigeons

These are not your old park pigeons. These are fluffy, fancy, and fun pigeons at Snug Harbor Farm.

The poodles

Our beloved poodles will be found wherever Tony is wandering.

The sheep

Baaaaaaa... that's it.

The peacock

The child in you will be delighted as you quietly observe this regal bird.