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Love in the Time of Corona

By April 30, 2020General

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Love in the Time of Corona

garden pathIt’s never how you think it’s going to be. If only we could remember that fact as we pick a path. This path that we are on, now, is uncharted in many ways and we’re just trying to figure it out. We have found out a few things for sure: No matter what, people want their eggs, and plants and very much want to plant a garden. People want beauty. People want community. It’s important to us to share what we have and to keep what we have alive and thriving. We’ve had to prioritize while trying to follow the rules. So grateful for Dr. Shah’s advice. We want to provide sanctuary and escape from the scary but first let’s slow down and be sure to keep this thing in check, in order to flatten the curve and protect the elders and all who are vulnerable, including birds, animals, plants, employees, and customers.

Our curbside offerings will be put out as weather permits. We are accepting cash, checks, and Venmo payments for those products. They are generally available from 10:00 to 4:00, as best we can. Thanks for your patience and all the kind words of support. We have also been working hard, adding lots of plants, pots, and products to our online store. These can be shipped right to your door! Or you can be in touch with our shop with special requests and we’ll gather and have ready for you to pick-up (shop@snugharborfarm.com). We know you want to visit and we want you to visit but heed the warnings of our New England governors and be careful crossing state lines. While you’re stopping by and checking out the curb, please be mindful of fellow shoppers and maintain safe distances.

(Photo: One of our favorite garden paths found at Hollister House in CT.)


Veranda magazine“These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Garden Shops Around the World”

We will be looking forward to the day when travel plans can be made with confidence. How lovely was the surprise that came to us from Veranda Magazine, to be included in a wonderful on-line list of the best nurseries and garden shops, in the world! This could the ultimate road (by sea and air) trip to dream about. Stop in on all of these wonderful places when you get a chance. Tell them we sent you. Let’s take good care of each other and our dear planet so that we may roam and enjoy all it has to offer.



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