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Getting Back To It

heading back

Getting back to it, August 17

Back to school, back to work, back to the grind…..it’s rapidly approaching. It gives an urgency to every bright, warm hour of daylight in August and gets the wheels turning as to how we prolong the magic of the warmth through the fall.

As we milk up all the beauty we can from our exterior gardens, we start to plan what greenery we’ll surround ourselves with when we move inside. If you’re moving towards a dorm or a new living space or office, you may want a bit of green life in your new place.  We have a new selection of small pots and plants that would be just perfect for your new desk or dorm room.  Snug Harbor Farm has put together a free workshop to get you started on Saturday, August 17 from 1-2:30pm

And speaking of moving indoors, let’s get cooking!

All the hard work on the vegetable gardens really starts to pay off as we harvest from the plants lovingly tended to all summer. There’s a gorgeous new crop of cookbooks in the shop to inspire how you handle all of the deliciousness as you head back to the kitchen.

small plants for dorm rooms
Annie Witte

Annie Witte Art Reception, August 22

We have one more artist appearing at Snug Harbor Farm this summer, Annie Witte, who will bring her beautiful collection of abstracts to the barn. Meet the artist and learn about her process while mingling in the barn.

Annie will also be teaching a workshop on marbleizing paper. It’s a fun process you can apply to so many projects.

Cup of Joe, Sunday, August 18

And for those of you doing battle with critters and varmints that accost your plants on a daily basis, our final summer Cup of Joe / DIY series addresses the best ways to send them packing on Sunday, August 17th.  (Don’t worry, we will have Cup of Joe in the fall… maybe with something stronger in the coffee for the morning chill?)

Looking forward

We are looking forward to the month of August and it’s our hope that it will leave you feeling prepared for the shift occurring in September. There’s lots coming up that brings us joy and inspiration. Check out the whole calendar on out website.

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