The Topiaries are shipping!

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topiaries in the green house

Topiaries are shipping!

Spring is doing it’s very best to break through the thick layer of frost and snow here at Snug Harbor Farm. How we really know it’s around the corner, is our collection of topiaries are preparing to ship by this weekend to new homes around the country. So much is percolating under the surface! This year’s crop consists of the classic myrtle and lavender as well as new comers wistringia, curry, santolina and coleus. New growth is sprouting all over the property with the renovated shop, to subtle changes in the barn and new inventory in all five of the greenhouses.

All adding up to one thing: it’s time for a visit. Hope to see you all very soon.

There are many resources on the web for learning more about topiaries.  In fact, Snug Harbor Farm topiaries were featured in Better Homes & Garden.  You can read the online article (BH&G charges a minor fee for archives online) here.

View SNF in Better Homes & Garden

The Japanese Art of Kokedama

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Kokedama at Snug Harbor Farm

The winter months have us digging deep into indoor gardening. A favorite practice that allows us to see our beloved plants in a 360 degree moving, mobile expression is kokedama. The Japanese art of kokedama, also referred to as string garden or moss balls. The root ball is actually wrapped in in moss (see nearai: which means “root wash” or “no pot”, where it becomes a combination of bonsai and kusamono planting styles).  You are binding the roots in moss and string and suspending it so that they float in space. Who doesn’t love a planted mobile!

Interested in learning more? We’ve added a morning class on February 9th at 10:30.  The 1:00 is full. Come and enjoy the green!
Register here.

You may be wondering how to pronounce kokedama. Here’s the phonetic spelling so you can impress your friends with your international knowledge of all things horticultural.


Warm Up Winter at Our Succulent Workshop

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Join us at Snug Harbor Farm for our Midwinter Succulent Workshop being held on Saturday, January 28th to learn about all things succulent and build your own mixed container to take home. We will provide all the material you will need to create a gorgeous little garden. The fee for the workshop is $45.00. You can sign up using the form below.

1:00pm Workshop SOLD OUT

11:00am Workshop has been added. Sign-up Below!

Get the fever with a visit to the farm!

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 Spring fever that is! 
 Things are really starting to take off at the farm with new plants and supplies arriving everyday. The weather was perfect today for a visit. I thought I would share with you all a little virtual tour of what is going on to wet your appetite for your spring or summer visit.
New gift and garden finds are arriving daily at The Shop.
A peruse past the old barn out front bestows some of springs treasures.

A small display awaits passerby’s on Route 9.

Perennials, herbs, trees and shrubs already in bloom and ready to show off in your garden.

The spring shade garden by the Shop has something new sprouting up everyday now!

 Let’s take a quick peek inside the Shop…

New items arriving daily in here! You never know what you might find!

Let’s take a quick walk back to the greenhouses, to see what is happening there.

The lavender is in bloom like there’s no tomorrow!

And there is still a great selection of potted succulents.

Oh, did I mention hydrangea?

And hydrangea…

And still more hydrangea!

 Had enough?

Ok, on yonder to the trees and shrubs…

New shrub stock is being potted diligently everyday by our hardworking staff.

We have a variety of beautiful trees already tempered to the season and ready to plant.

I may need one of these for my own yard!

Winter Willies

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It is getting pretty cold outside. I’m sure you’ve noticed. To help you shake off those winter willies we thought we would share a lovely little photo montage of a few of the many beauties spreading their joy despite the cold most recently at the farm.

If you want to brave the cold to come in for a visit the greenhouses are warm, full of plants and open daily for you to peruse. Please make sure to call ahead in inclement weather to make sure we have things shoveled out.