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Making the Best of It

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Making the Best of It

Entering the dark months leading into winter, we find ourselves drawn to pockets of light. Pots and containers have been brought in from the decks and patios. Most of the spring bulbs have been nestled into the ground while amaryllis and paperwhites prepare to adorn indoor spaces with their fragrance and dramatic profiles. All windows are open game for micro gardens stacked with houseplants to keep some green in our foreground.

We find comfort in the flicker of candlelight while planning feasts to come. They’ll be slightly different this year but we can still make them special. Beauty is a powerful panacea for the soul. We need it now more than ever.

Snug Harbor Farm is an inspiration to many. It is always our goal to share resources and tools to help you create beautiful atmospheres where you live. From recipes toplant material to textiles (not to mention plants and flowers), they all add up to a certain kind of cozy. This holiday season may be different but it can still be lovely. Let us help with a centerpiece or the perfect gift to brighten a loved one’s day. Be patient. Be kind. Wear a mask and wash your hands and we’ll all get through this.


Reaping the Rewards

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Reaping the Rewards

Rolling into October, our calendar has become stacked with a myriad of projects and chores as we navigate a safe path through the virus. So many of you have taken up gardening and now is the time where we get to reap the ultimate benefit from all of our hard work. Yummy vegetables are plentiful and we are learning how to enjoy and extend the blooms of our flowers. On October 17th, we will be holding a workshop about how to create compositions with fresh flowers that hold their shape and color when dried. Space is limited to insure proper social distancing.

In celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 12th, we will have freshly harvested apples and locally made cheeses available in the barn, as well as special combinations of our favorite bulbs that can go in the ground before Thanksgiving and bring you lots of joy when they sprout in the upcoming spring .

Due to the popularity of our summertime Floral Subscription, we are starting a new four week round of seasonal floral subscriptions available for Friday pick ups starting October 16th. Grab one for yourself or give a great gift to some one who could use a smile on a stem or two!

BIG holidays are ahead of us, and we have had many questions about when our unique dressings will be available for you to deck your halls. Please know we are working on getting it all out as early as possible. It is our greatest wish to help make your homes extra cozy for the holidays. In the meantime, we have creepy, crawly Halloween coming in hot! We will have another one of our Instagram Live Artist Talk with the funny and fantastic Jonathan White of Odd Inq Pottery this coming Friday, October 9th at 4:30 PM EST.

Keep your creativity flowing through the fall. Work on making your nest as warm and cozy as can be. This will be a new and different way of gathering this season, but gather we must in a safe and socially distant manner. Beauty is a calming comfort in the months to come. Keep that in mind and be kind to your neighbors and fellow human beings. Be good to the Earth that provides us so much of all of the above.

After the Autumnal Equinox

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After the Autumnal Equinox

As we leave the autumn equinox behind, we brace ourselves for temperatures that continue to drop (although it is supposed to stay pretty warm through this weekend- yay for Indian summer). There have already been a couple of serious frosts that have put a hurt on a few of our crops; so we are amping up the harvesting in the days to come to save what we can of our delicious veggies. It’s been one heck of a summer, with so many friends and clients diving into their gardens like never before for comfort and refuge from the world at large. Recently, there has been a feeding frenzy on pumpkins for optimal autumn dressing…so grab them while you can! Like everything else trending, our supplies go from in-demand to completely sold out in the blink of an eye. If you want pumpkins, do not wait until Halloween, as they are going fast!

While we continue to squeeze what we can out of the outdoors, we begin the juggling act of what can come inside to winter over. Lots of patio plants can be pruned, cleaned up and brought indoors to enliven our living space throughout the colder months. It is a great time to consider how to fill holes you’ve observed in your landscape. The fall gives trees, shrubs, and perennials a chance to settle in and get established over the winter with new growth awaiting you in the spring. Shop our sale on perennials (Buy One, Get One Free), trees and shrubs (20% off).  The offer is good while supplies last. A lively bulb collection will be arriving at the farm in the beginning of October to give you some time to get them in the ground before Thanksgiving.

Our shop is stocked with cozy, comfy goods to nestle up with: soft blankets and scarves, delicious varieties of teas, and yummy pantry goods. We’ve been filling the shelves with fun for young and old to gather round the game table: puzzles and playtime games to help you stay in door during chilly weather. We also have been working with some of our favorite artists and designers to bring you a mix of handmade beauty for the walls, tabletop and body. For those of you that cannot stop by the shop in person, check out our online store for the latest fabulousness that can be shipped directly to your door. This Friday, we will be going live on Instagram with jeweler Bryan Hansen, to discuss his jewelry-making and metal-smithing processes and inspiration at 4:30 PM EST. See and shop more of his work in our Artist Gallery.

As this unique and harrowing year rolls on, we are rethinking spaces around the farm to help us all transition into the happy and healthy winter months ahead. It is our commitment to create a safe and open space for our staff and visitors to enjoy. Please continue to be vigilant and wear your masks whenever visiting the property and observe safe social distancing while our staff stays on top of keeping the place sanitized for all of us.

Renovating Our Access to Art

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Renovating Our Access to Art

annie witte

When life gives you Covid-19 and turns the world on its ear, the reimagination of all things summer is required.

For Snug Harbor Farm, summertime means gathering in the barn for an art show or for a foraged dinner with friends. Summer means dressing up homes and tents for special occasions.

Summer means workshops to grow and learn about how to design and combine plants and flowers. We are doing our best to get up to speed with virtual technology and get back on track with the workshops at home but it is taking time to figure it all out. You will know as soon as we are able to bring them to you in a way that works safely for everyone.

Francis PalmerWhat we are prepared to bring you is original artwork by some of our favorite collaborators, both online and at the farm. These are all folks we were planning to catch up with this summer through shows and celebrations. We are launching a special gallery in our online shop with a collection of paintings by Annie Witte called The Seed Series, inspired by the plant life at Snug Harbor Farm. We are going live with an artist talk with Annie on Instagram at 4:30pm on Friday, August 21. Get ready with pertinent questions and tune in!

Other favorite artists that we will be featuring include Beth Rundquist, Frances Palmer, Jonathon White and Kelly Jo Shows. Visit our online artist gallery.

This summer was also going to bring scholars, designers, and writers to our doorstep to discuss their new books. We hope you will visit their websites and pick up a copies of their books because we have learned so much from these folks. We hope that a visit to Snug Harbor Farm will be possible in the not so distant future by everyone featured here.

Hilton Carter


One of our favorite interior plantscapers, Hilton released his gorgeous new book, Wild Interiors this summer. Visit his website, thingsbyhc.com, or keep up with him on Instagram @hiltoncarter.

Amy Merrick


A big blowout was being planned with Amy Merrick, to celebrate her fantastic book on flowering. We are anxious to reboot a workshop along with a talk about the book when we get clear and safe, again, but in the meantime, you must see the beauty Amy put together. Follow her on Instagram @amy_merrik. You can find her gorgeous book in our shop.

Peter Moriarty


A wonderful photographer, Peter Moriarty, was going to bring his original silver gelatin prints and beautiful book, Warm Room, to Snug Harbor Farm to discuss the history and beauty of historic glass houses. His photography really captures the grandeur of these plant palaces. You can find copies of Warm Room at Yankee Bookshop

As we wind down summer and prepare to continue learning and exploring from our own homes we hope you will find comfort and inspiration in being able to travel the world through the eyes of an artist. Take care. Wear a mask. Wash your hands and help your neighbors.


Love in the Time of Corona

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April news

Love in the Time of Corona

garden pathIt’s never how you think it’s going to be. If only we could remember that fact as we pick a path. This path that we are on, now, is uncharted in many ways and we’re just trying to figure it out. We have found out a few things for sure: No matter what, people want their eggs, and plants and very much want to plant a garden. People want beauty. People want community. It’s important to us to share what we have and to keep what we have alive and thriving. We’ve had to prioritize while trying to follow the rules. So grateful for Dr. Shah’s advice. We want to provide sanctuary and escape from the scary but first let’s slow down and be sure to keep this thing in check, in order to flatten the curve and protect the elders and all who are vulnerable, including birds, animals, plants, employees, and customers.

Our curbside offerings will be put out as weather permits. We are accepting cash, checks, and Venmo payments for those products. They are generally available from 10:00 to 4:00, as best we can. Thanks for your patience and all the kind words of support. We have also been working hard, adding lots of plants, pots, and products to our online store. These can be shipped right to your door! Or you can be in touch with our shop with special requests and we’ll gather and have ready for you to pick-up (shop@snugharborfarm.com). We know you want to visit and we want you to visit but heed the warnings of our New England governors and be careful crossing state lines. While you’re stopping by and checking out the curb, please be mindful of fellow shoppers and maintain safe distances.

(Photo: One of our favorite garden paths found at Hollister House in CT.)


Veranda magazine“These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Garden Shops Around the World”

We will be looking forward to the day when travel plans can be made with confidence. How lovely was the surprise that came to us from Veranda Magazine, to be included in a wonderful on-line list of the best nurseries and garden shops, in the world! This could the ultimate road (by sea and air) trip to dream about. Stop in on all of these wonderful places when you get a chance. Tell them we sent you. Let’s take good care of each other and our dear planet so that we may roam and enjoy all it has to offer.



Leaping Into Spring

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spring at Snug Harbor Farm

It can’t get here fast enough, right? Leap year! Leaping ahead! Leaping like a lion on the back of wild winds. Drying out the muddy ground and blowing away under-brush, exposing new found growth. Our aconite is out in full force with lots of other babies poking their way through the cold soil (eranthis hyemalis) keeping the snow drops company. Punxsutawney Phil saw it coming.

New growth is bursting forth on every level at Snug Harbor Farm. We are ready for the season ahead and so excited about the momentum taking place. The workshops are blowing up and selling out before we even get the promotion going! It’s a blast for us to learn and develop and implement new programs. We’re so grateful for your enthusiasm. That being said, there are still a few spots available this Saturday for the Bonsai Workshop with Glen Lord, and only two spots left for Basket Making with Gabrielle Brown. Sign up while you still can!

Let us know if there’s a particular workshop you are looking for.And if the state of Maine remains open, we’ll have a chance to see you at The Maine Flower Show! Keep up the good hand washing techniques (at least 20 seconds, people, and 60% alcohol if you’re using hand sanitizer instead of soap) and best health practices while we navigate the remainder of flu season, and we’ll hopefully all get through it unscathed.

Slogging Through February

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Slogging Through February

Winter has really thrown us a curve ball this year! It’s snowing then it’s raining then it’s 50 degrees then it’s sleeting! We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the groundhog knows what it’s shadow means and an early spring is on its way. There are a few things we can count on while the weather does the wild mood swing thing: the greenhouses at Snug Harbor Farm are warm and luscious; we are getting more day light everyday and the miniature horses couldn’t be cuter with their woolly coats on.

We’ve tried to give you a few more things to look forward to during this strange month. We have our ever popular Succulent Workshop coming up on Saturday the 15th and there are just a few spaces left. You might want to jump on that if you don’t have a plan.

We’ll be packing up the van and making our annual trip to Hartford, Connecticut for the Flower and Garden Show on February 20th. We love catching up with our friends and fans there and will have new pot shapes and a crop of gorgeous greenery to share with plant lovers in the area.

The month will close out with our ode to spring: a workshop planting forced bulbs and spring branches called Forced Fabulosity. What could be more fabulous than witnessing new growth and having your space filled with the sweet scent of spring blossoms.

The greenhouses are open seven days a week and the shop is preparing to reopen on March 7th. We are lining up more fun and adventure in the months to come so keep an eye on the calendar and ear to the ground for new announcements coming at a rapid pace. Be well Farm Friends!

Seeing the Year Ahead Clearly

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Snug Harbor Farm

Seeing the Year Ahead Clearly

The new decade has presented some amazing opportunities to connect with friends and clients far and wide and we’re excited to dive right in! This season, at Snug Harbor Farm, we are making a concerted effort to connect with the littles and are in the midst of developing a special program that will span the year with seasonal offerings of educating kids about plants and the joy of working with them in many ways. The program will kick off in the spring so stay tuned for more to come on that front.

Meanwhile, we are easing through the winter months with some of our fan favorites, starting things off with a style of plant that has put Snug on the map: topiaries! Yes, we are bringing back the ever popular Topiary Workshop on Saturday, January 25th. Learn the principles about how to grow, groom and maintain your very own.

Although the shop is temporarily shuttered while we complete inventory and work on some improvements on the interior, the greenhouses are bustling and building crops. We’ll be heading back to Hartford in February to see our friends in CT bringing the best that Snug has to offer at the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show from February 20-23rd. Let us know if there’s anything in particular that you are looking for and we’ll be sure to get it on the truck with your name on it.

In addition to the Flower Show, we are offering two other classes to get you in the greenhouse in February.  First up will be an immersion into all things succulent on February 15. This one sells out quickly so be sure to sign up soon if you want a spot.

To wind up the month, we’ll be looking forward to Spring and working with bulbs and branches in our Forced Fabulosity workshop on February 29th. This class is a layered look at the science of growing forced bulbs, anchored by branches about to burst, in one of our delicious terra cotta pots.

Let’s work on a collective, clear vision of a world of beauty that we share with one another. Let’s help our young grow up understanding what’s real and alive. Let’s really see the potential ahead of us and appreciate where we are and how we live our daily lives. We’re so happy to share all of that at Snug Harbor Farm. We’re looking forward to your next visit. Happy New Year to all of you.

Final Feasts of a Fabulous Year

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holiday greetings

Final Feasts of a Fabulous Year

During the last days of the last month of the last year of an interesting decade, we reflect on how much we have to be thankful for at Snug Harbor Farm. Our focus and fantasies have drifted towards and around food in 2019. We are so fortunate to have spent this past year growing and cooking and sharing the bounty of our labors. Finding beauty and delight in the delicious collaborations, we are topping off the season in the company of the best employees and the most gracious of guests. Stop by for the final feast this Friday!

Our own elves are preparing their delicious treats from recipes found in the treasure trove of GREAT cookbooks now available in the shop. Sample and shop in the happy company of Prelude People.

In support of all this feasting, we also are so grateful for the creative spirit that decorates the doors, the rooms and the tabletops that support the feasting! Our offering of seasonal workshops have sold out almost as soon as they are posted. We have one more on the calendar that has space available (hard to believe but true). This could be the best of the season for so many reasons. Sign up while there’s space.

Thanking each and every one of you for the mad love and appreciation you shower us with on a daily basis! You make the hard work of running the farm a true joy. Lots of exciting stuff is falling into place for 2020 to keep giving back all that you share with us.

It’s November!

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November on the Farm

It’s November and the light is shifting.

We have entered the darkened corridor of November, so it’s more important than ever to think happy thoughts and make plans for the festivities that lie ahead. When things get scary we love to decorate and plan feasts to distract from the impending doom. We, at Snug Harbor Farm, are hoping to provide the best distraction with a number of upcoming workshops.

Dead ahead we have our first Tillandsia workshop that will explore the care and feeding of your air plant collection, as well as artful ideas about how to display them. This class of plant has been getting lots of attention on the farm and will take place at 1pm on November 9th.

That workshop will be followed by our annual Thanksgiving centerpiece workshop. This year we are fascinated by the tradition of della Robbia style containers that incorporate fruits and vegetables into luscious compositions framed by greens and any other organic material that may capture your fancy. Get ahead of the mad rush of food prep and cooking and get your table set up to delight you in the days leading up to the big event(s). This workshop will take place on Sunday, November 24th at 1pm.

If you are just too busy to build your own this year, we’re so happy to create something beautiful for your table. Place your order here by November 19th for delivery or pick up.

Snug Harbor Farm