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After the Autumnal Equinox

By September 24, 2020General


After the Autumnal Equinox

As we leave the autumn equinox behind, we brace ourselves for temperatures that continue to drop (although it is supposed to stay pretty warm through this weekend- yay for Indian summer). There have already been a couple of serious frosts that have put a hurt on a few of our crops; so we are amping up the harvesting in the days to come to save what we can of our delicious veggies. It’s been one heck of a summer, with so many friends and clients diving into their gardens like never before for comfort and refuge from the world at large. Recently, there has been a feeding frenzy on pumpkins for optimal autumn dressing…so grab them while you can! Like everything else trending, our supplies go from in-demand to completely sold out in the blink of an eye. If you want pumpkins, do not wait until Halloween, as they are going fast!

While we continue to squeeze what we can out of the outdoors, we begin the juggling act of what can come inside to winter over. Lots of patio plants can be pruned, cleaned up and brought indoors to enliven our living space throughout the colder months. It is a great time to consider how to fill holes you’ve observed in your landscape. The fall gives trees, shrubs, and perennials a chance to settle in and get established over the winter with new growth awaiting you in the spring. Shop our sale on perennials (Buy One, Get One Free), trees and shrubs (20% off).  The offer is good while supplies last. A lively bulb collection will be arriving at the farm in the beginning of October to give you some time to get them in the ground before Thanksgiving.

Our shop is stocked with cozy, comfy goods to nestle up with: soft blankets and scarves, delicious varieties of teas, and yummy pantry goods. We’ve been filling the shelves with fun for young and old to gather round the game table: puzzles and playtime games to help you stay in door during chilly weather. We also have been working with some of our favorite artists and designers to bring you a mix of handmade beauty for the walls, tabletop and body. For those of you that cannot stop by the shop in person, check out our online store for the latest fabulousness that can be shipped directly to your door. This Friday, we will be going live on Instagram with jeweler Bryan Hansen, to discuss his jewelry-making and metal-smithing processes and inspiration at 4:30 PM EST. See and shop more of his work in our Artist Gallery.

As this unique and harrowing year rolls on, we are rethinking spaces around the farm to help us all transition into the happy and healthy winter months ahead. It is our commitment to create a safe and open space for our staff and visitors to enjoy. Please continue to be vigilant and wear your masks whenever visiting the property and observe safe social distancing while our staff stays on top of keeping the place sanitized for all of us.

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