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Juniper Hill

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juniper-hill-farm juniper-hill-farm2Thinking Outside The Boxwood

At the beginning of every winter you can find me dragging heavy wooden teepees out of the barn to protect my most vulnerable plants. It’s a winter garden chore I look forward to about as much as I do the return of the black flies in the spring.


We originally designed much of our garden here at Juniper Hill for winter interest and one way we accomplished this was to install an abundance of evergreen hedges and boxwoods. The deer that have been known to raid and plunder our garden over the years all seem eternally grateful for the decision to install the hedges. Their keen interest in this particular design element worries me constantly. Even though we put up protective deer fencing every winter, I spend countless hours inspecting yews and arborvitaes for signs of nibbling.



Holiday…with Matthew Mead

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backyard stylephoto (11)Are You Ready for some Backyard Style?

We are so excited!

Excited about spring, excited about the return of warm weather and sunshine,

The release of Matthew Mead’s new book, Backyard Style, is just weeks away! Filled with a seemingly endless array of ideas for decorating, entertaining, and gardening your outdoor spaces, transforming them into backyard havens where you can enjoy being in “the great outdoors.”


Downeast Dilettante

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blue-hill-webcamSPRINGTIME DOWN EAST

Several people have sent kind emails lately, asking why I’ve been blogging so little—the short answer is that I have several small projects that require big attention, always a problem for those of us easily distracted by shiny objects.

And then, there’s the weather. A week into Spring, this is the scene from the top of our little mountain today at about noon-thirty. The blizzard moved out quickly—and by 6:30, all was clear. And cold. And windy.

A friend, a man of great scientific and technological abilities (and the common sense to be in Florida for the winter), has a weather station from which picks up our local forecast (it doesn’t get much better than being predicted from 1.5 miles away). The reports for months have been uniformly dreary. I emailed said friend, asking him if he couldn’t adjust the equipment to predict higher temperatures and sunnier skies. I knew it wasn’t possible (as you can see below), but desperate times call for desperate measures. He did re-assure me that he understood the temperature would be warmer in June.

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Garden Photo of the Day

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who-would-have-dreamedWho would have dreamed?

It’s rather misleading to focus in on one single flower in a fabulous garden that is chock full of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, perennials and re-seeding annuals. But, I have a new camera, and I haven’t figured it all out yet, so my best photograph turned out to be of this Iceland poppy.

The background: Sharyn Altman lives on a lovely pond in Augusta, Georgia, where she has made an expansive garden that is just dreamy. In February, a brutal ice storm hit the area, and did huge damage to the garden, which extends all the way around the house, with most of the big areas on a broad peninsula surrounded on three sides by water.

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Growing with Plants

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It’s rare today, to find an author who will not only research each topic well, but who will bother to jump not on the Internet, but into a car or onto a plane, to go visit a nursery – to experience it, and then to write so thoughtfully about the entire experience. Ruth Kassinger is such an author. I’m not sure how to say this eloquently, but here’s the honest truth – her two recent books A GARDEN OF MARVELS and PARADISE UNDER GLASS sit next to my bed table ( well, sometimes on the floor – but hey, that’s where I keep my favorite books – you know, the ones I actually pick up and read most every night).

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2014 Summer Workshop Series

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Our 2014 Snug Harbor Farm Summer Workshop Series is going to be great! Check out the the following great activities:

Fairy & Miniature Gardening
Beaded Brilliance
Farm To Table Florals
Homemade Hostessing
A Soapy Venture
Kokedama Or Terrariums
Haute Hypertufa
Dip Dye & Tie Dye

Pre-register today!
We apologize; no walk ins – as workshops require material preparations. Email or call to reserve your spot today 207-967-2414

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